Pelote or pelota, Basque national sport

At boarding houses frequented by Basque sheepherders in Arizona and other parts of the west, two of them had frontónes courts.  The Basque would play their hand game of pelote or pelota.  It is said to be across between handball and squash.  One can be still found at the Tourist Home in Flagstaff.  The Tourist Home today is a bistro today selling sandwiches, soups, and alcohol.  When the boarding house was turned into the bistro, the owners preserved the remains of the frontónes court or which can be found on the north side of the building.   There is evidence that a second frontónes was present in Flagstaff at the Martin Boarding House which was just a couple blocks west of the Tourist Homes.  It was just one of the activities that the Basque would partake of at the boarding houses.  Card games were also common; one was Mus.

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