1903 AZ Wool Growers’ Assoc. Members

The following men and one woman and one outfit listed by name were members of the very early Arizona Wool Growers’ Association.  Just for your information,  there are 71 members.  What would have been interesting to know is the number of sheep each had.  There are some names missing from the list which I will comment on in the next blog.

From Flagstaff: H. E. Campbell, D. M. Francis, C.H. Schulz, T. E. Pollock, E. S. Gosney, Jos Dent, Thos Sayers, Wm. McIntire, Frank Bearsley, Anton Kline, Babbitt Sheep Co.
From Williams: C. C. Hutchinson, Cap P. Smith, T.J. Evans
From Winslow: J. X. Wood, N. S. Bly, E. A. Sawyer, Perkins and Campbell, Jno. Noble, Richard Hart
From Jerome: J. F. Daggs
From Phoenix: E. B. Newman, W. H. Campbell, H. C. Lockhart
From Bumble Bee: M. Maxwell
From Ash Fork: Chas Howard
From Mesa: Daniel Mahona
From Tempe: L. D. Yaeger
From St. Johns: W. H. Gibbons, J. T. Leseuer, J. B. Patterson, Petereson and Co. Jones Bros., A & B. Schuster, Pena Bros, Padilla Bros., J.R. Armijo, Anastaeni Chavis, Jerry Gonzales, Jesus Peralto, Mrs. E. B. Perkins, Sylvester Perlto, Dionicio Duran
From Concho: Pedro Montario, Santas Ortego, Cheney & Sons, Ambrosio Candaleria, Joan Candaleria, Rosela Candaleria, Pedro Candaleria, Leandro Ortego
From Show Low: James E. Porter, Wm. Morgan, Burr Porter, Robert Schott, James Scott, George Schott, Wm. B. Campbell
From Snowflake: Joseph E. Stock, Ezra West
From Adair: Williard Whipple
From Pinetop: W. N. Amos, Geo Amos, Clarence Morrow
From Pinedale: E. Thomas, Jr.
From Mesa City: John Nelson, Longmore Bros
From Holbrook: Martin Brochier, Jno. R. Hulet
From Heber: Archie Cameron, Dan Mahona

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