Odds and Ends

Tonight’s post is an assortment of comments from Facebook friends that have given me permission to include them here. I have edited the comments where needed and added comments in parentheses. Bill Cowan allowed me to use his picture that dates back to 1919.

By George Groseta to AO Williams who had asked why wool is so expensive, and why he could never find American lamb if there are lots of sheep being raised in the USA – There are less than 5% of the big-time sheep operators in the United States especially the western United States that ran bands of sheep. President Clinton did away with the Wool Incentive Act of 1954, which was a tax on foreign wool that came in.  There’s also a big problem as far as different states because of predator control, also you have a labor hike & regulations.  Presently there are less sheep in the state of Nevada then if you go back to 1950s. And in Arizona, there were 25 to 30 big time sheep operations. We’re down to just two right (three if you count separately a father and son both in the industry) now because of the following:  you have the endangered species act, predators, labor; just a lot of things and that’s why there’s no American lamb anymore!!


This picture is also from George Groseta.  It is men eating at Sheep Camp.  Anyone recognize any of the men?

The picture below is from Bill Cowan.

Sheep coming down off Anderson Mesa to drink on the east side of Mormon Lake. This may be Campbell and Frances outfit. 1919


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