Pioneer Stockmen Families

Four sheep families were inducted into the Arizona Pioneer Stockmen Families December 28, 2019.  The families – The Aleman’s, Dobson, Espils, and Pouquettes are all families that came in the late 1890s or early 1900s.  While Dwayne Dobson was the last of these four families to run sheep in Arizona, selling his outfit in 2011, all the families should be proud of their contribution to the sheep industry in Arizona.  Three of the four families I wrote their histories for the 29th Volume: Aleman, Espil and Pouquette.  I am working on more stories of the families in sheep industry that will appear in future volumes and I will post that information when the volumes are published. If you ran sheep in Arizona and have not been included in either my book Where Have All the Sheep Gone?  Sheepherders and Ranchers in Arizona – A Disappearing Industry or in one of the volumes of the Arizona Pioneer Stockmen Families, please contact me. I am also working on a second volume of the sheep industry history. This will have more information on the families so I would love to tell your story!

The top picture on the right – Carol and Dwayne Dobson (standing), then sitting from left to right Annette, Melanie, a friend of Chedelle, and Chedelle Pouquette.

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