A Blast of a Day!

Here is what happens when you are asked to talk to a group of history buffs. I was asked to give a thirty to forty minute presentation on the sheep industry for The First Families of Arizona today in Phoenix. The room was pretty full with close to a hundred people attending. Well, I hardly got in the door before John was telling me about the Lockett family and their involvement in the sheep industry. He had copies of several old newspaper articles about the Lockett family and gave me the name and date of a newspaper with a story on the history of the sheep history up to 1929. In the article, he said there was a list of all sheep ranchers at the time. Oh, research here I come!

Then, after arriving home I get a call from a man about three hours after the presentation. His wife had attended the event and bought my book. He had read it from cover to cover; wow, a real history buff! He said he enjoyed the book and he also gave me more information! What a great day.

Can’t wait to get to research all that I learned and I thought I was going to educate them!

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