Joseph Pouquette Family

Joseph and his two sons, Pierre and Albert, will be inducted into the 2020 Arizona Ranchers and Farmers Hall of Fame Saturday, March 7 at the Wigwam Resort. More to follow about this family after the event.

Joseph, Albert and Pierre

From last night’s induction ceremony for the Pouquettes.

The Joseph Pouquette Family

6 thoughts on “Joseph Pouquette Family

  1. I am the oldest son of Charlotte Pouquette, one of Frank Pouquettes daughters. I am very sorry I missed the event, as I was not aware of such a grand gathering for such awesome men in their time . I am proud of our heritage, and try to preserve my knowledge by keeping a journal . Maybe one day it can be used to continue documentation of our family, and the adventures we took through the years.


    1. I would love to get your side of the family history as I don’t have much. I know Simone came into Arizona first, left and then came back. He bought the Red Hill Ranch back in the late 1880s or early 1890s. I am looking through old court documents to try to find the exact date so any information you can share would be greatly appreciated. I am working on a second book on families that were not part of the first book or where I found additional information that I think is important to record for posterity.


      1. I am very grateful for what you do, and anything I can provide you with, I will be more than happy to do my best to get accurate information to add to our family’s history .


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