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Many of the viewers to this webpage have contacted me about a variety of topics from help with finding a shearer, to having information about your family or knowledge of those in the sheep industry in Arizona.  Thank you for reaching out to me. I would love to contact each of you for more details.  With that said –

To the woman researching Col. Thomas Thorp – I have seen information about him in early newspapers of northern Arizona but none of the editions said he was in the sheep business. I will remember his name as I continue to research the early newspapers. As for him leaving his wife alone with a child and the family flock of sheep, she would not have been the only woman in Arizona left with sheep while her husband was gone for any of a variety of reasons. One woman’s husband died leaving her with very young children, a child on the way, and a flock of sheep to tend. I am researching that family as I comb the early newspapers of western Arizona. I hope to add to what they know about their family but have only found one short sentence about her which stated the death of her husband. The family was unsure as to that date and now we have confirmation to that fact. It leaves open questions as to where he was buried, if she took his body back to their remote ranch, and the obvious question, the sheep. How long did she have the sheep, did she have help besides her children, etc., because we know she remarries and the couple went into cattle.  There is a short article in one of the newspapers about herders working for a person with her last name. I cannot confirm if it was her but the time period does fit.  But research does take time and I am sure more will be discovered somewhere in the newspapers of that part of the state! I also know of at least one other woman left alone with the family sheep while the husband was gone. 

That answers at least a part of the inquiries I have had the past two weeks here. Some of the inquiries I have answered via email to that individual. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions. You further my research along as I now have more names to keep in mind as I scourer the papers.

Keep those inquiries coming and your comments!  I try to answer each one in a timely manner.

Just a few sheep on the trail in Arizona spring 2020.

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