A few limitations of wool fabrics

My last blog discussed the many benefits of wool fabrics.  Today I will discuss the very few limitations of the use of having wool fabrics as either clothing or rugs in your home.  A. Moths find wool fabrics extremely tasty.  Other types of fabrics that you may wrap your woolen garments in for storage will not deter them in their quest to get to the wool.  This is easily prevented.  Moths you see in your home are not the kind that eat clothes.  Clothes moths don’t like light so you won’t see them.  Moths will lay eggs on your clothes and the larvae will eat the fabric.  Always laundry your woolens prior to storage for the summer.  If you have wool carpet, keep it clean from stains and yes, vacuum it a lot.

B. Using moth balls as a deterrent has drawbacks.  The most obvious is its smell, but it also contains pesticides.  Clothes must be aired before wearing and the smell of the moth balls can still linger.  Don’t want to smell like moth balls? – use lavender which leaves a very pleasant smell on your clothes, not pesticides.  Unfortunately, lavender will not kill moth eggs or larvae so you still need to watch for the hidden moths in your home.

C. Bleach and wool fabrics do not mix!  Even a small amount will harm the fibers making them stiff and yellow; larger amounts will dissolve your garment.

D. Older woolen fabrics should never put in the dryer.  Shrinkage will result from the combination of heat, friction and pressure.  However, there are new woolens that may be laundered and tumbled dry.  Be sure to check the label before home washing.  IF you have to use a dry cleaner to clean your garment, always air dry before wearing as chemicals are used in the process unless you frequent an eco-friendly cleaners.  Never store your garments in the plastic bag that the cleaner returns your garments.  This may turn your garments yellow especially if left for a long time in the plastic.  This is true for all fabrics!

E. A mild detergent must be used if you do launder as many laundry soaps contain strong alkalis which cause the wool fibers to lose their soft luster.

F. Wool fabrics can be damaged by excessive and direct heat from an iron so always use steam when pressing any woolen garment.  If use dryer on wash-dry woolens, use the lowest setting and don’t forget those woolen dryer balls!

From the above list it is obvious that woolen garments have few downsides and with wool being a eco-friendly product, it should be a favorite item to have in your wardrobe. There are many wools today that can be worn all year even in warm to hot climates.  That reminds me of another story for another day about the English requirements of wearing wool prior to cotton fueling the industrial revolution.

I will be posting in the next day or so, how wool could be your answer for a better night’s sleep.  So stay tuned.  If you like this post, please like and follow this webpage.  Thank you.  I will be adding family stories again next week as I am still gathering newspaper stories and talking with families.

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