A Better Night’s sleep with wool?

Now we have all see the cartoons and ads for counting sheep to help you fall asleep but there are many benefits to having wool bedding and bed clothes in getting a better night’s sleep.
1. Wool is breathable. Wool can absorb up to 30 per cent of its own weight in moisture vapor. Wool, with this ability and worn next to your skin, means it is extremely breathable, and comfortable to wear in extremes and changes of temperature. The wool fibers creates pockets of air, which leads to a natural form of insulation. When the weather is cold, wool clothing stays warm and when the temperature rises, it helps you to stay cool. A wool turtleneck or V-neck sweater also wicks sweat and other types of moisture away from the body, keeping you dry and preventing dampness, which can lead to chills. This also makes exercising in wool clothing ideal at any time of the year.

2. Wool is a flame-retardant fabric as it does not burn easily. In fact, wool will put out a flame itself when ignited. Many fire departments use wool in their clothing to protect firemen from flames, and its status as a natural fire retardant means that it doesn’t need to be treated with artificial retardants – thus providing further protection from potentially harmful chemicals as the firemen fight the fire and as house occupants try to escape the flames. Wool does not melt, drip or stick to the skin causing burns, and when subject to extreme heat it produces less smoke and less noxious fumes giving people a better chance to survive house fires.

3. If you have allergies, wool may be the best fabric to wear. It seldom will attract mold or bacteria. Dust mites need moisture for their survival. Without moisture in the bed clothes and sheets, asthma and allergy sufferers will have less breathing problems. A great benefit of wool is it contains lanolin, a natural antibacterial property and it will deter the growth of mold, dust mites and bed bugs. Maybe hotels should use wool bed sheets!

4. Wool can also help in supporting joints and associated pains that occur at night. As an elastic fiber wool supports joints and body pressure points as we sleep. Wool allows movement at night with less pain and it’s a great benefit for those who suffer from arthritis or rheumatism. Wool pajamas or bed coverings provide a more restful sleep period, as the fabric supports the body and prevents little aches and pains from setting in during the night.

5. Wool is a light and strong and durable fiber, but it is extremely strong and resistant. It resists tears more readily than other fabrics and lasts longer than cotton or synthetic fibers. In addition, it is comparatively light weight makes it suitable for casual wear and maintains your comfort level even in the summer. When treated with chemicals, worsted wool is smooth and durable, making it a popular fabric for skirts, suits and pants. Many may consider this a determent to wool, however.

6. Wool bedding is a sustainable and lasting fabric and if properly laundered will last far longer than other fibers. This is because of its natural elasticity and flexibility that was already noted in an earlier blog.

7. And one that everyone should like is wools ability to stay in place. Wool batting comes off the roll in one continuous piece and when hand-tufted into your topper or comforter will stay securely in place. No shifting over time and no bare spots; a result of its natural elasticity and flexibility.

And so why haven’t you thought about wool fabrics for your bedding and bed clothes. It is a good choice for children to wear as bed clothes with its resistant to fire. It keeps many allergens and other critters out of your bed. If the price of such items keep you from purchasing, remember wool outlasts cotton and silk! Wool is better for the environment is another reason to consider.  “And now you have the rest of the story” as Paul Harvey would say!

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