Increase Your Consumption of Lamb for Your Health and the American Sheep Industry!

An interesting article in the Williams News for June 27, 1919 was “Why Not ‘Mutton Monday'”?*  It wasn’t surprising that the article appeared in this newspaper as Williams has been a sheep grazing area since the late 1880s and continues to this day.  Lamb and mutton were sold in the local grocery stores as seen in the local grocery ads.  Here is the article in its entirety:

“The average housewife would be surprised to learn that in a year she buys for every member of the household only about 5 pounds of mutton and lamb as compared with about 71 pounds of pork and 67 pounds of beef.  If all American families used sheep meat one day a week in the average daily amount of other meats, that would mean more than 20 lbs. of mutton and lamb annually per capita, or four times its present consumption.

More than that, the head of the family, who pays the bills, would no doubt encourage purchasing mutton and lamb in larger cuts, instead of merely a few chops at a time, if he were made to realize the greater economy and the greater encouragement to production. In that connection a shoulder of mutton or a leg of lamb, being smaller than the average beef joint, should appeal especially to small families.”

Here are some of the benefits of eating lamb:

  1.  While lamb is considered a red meat it is considered to be healthy and a good source of protein. A four ounce serving gives 28 grams of protein but it is high in saturated fats.  Moderation in eating is suggested, but at least once a week will not be harmful
  2. With it being rich in iron and calcium, it helps prevent anemia.
  3. The omega-3 fatty acids means there is antioxidant protection reducing the appearance of wrinkles and age spots.  If you know any Basque, you will notice that the women never look their age.  It just might have something to do with them eating lots of lamb meat all their lives.
  4. Zinc helps your immune system and
  5.  Zinc, selenium and phosphorous are all necessary for good bone density.

Not only will your health benefit from eating lamb but you will be helping the American Sheep Industry and its producers.  Purchasing of lamb can be found in Fry’s and Sprouts during some holidays but it is seldom from US suppliers.  Rovey Dairy, 7711 W. Northern Ave., Glendale, Arizona has it on hand every Thursday to Saturday.  You can also call 623-939-2045.  If you do not live in Arizona, check your local sheep ranches and farms for availability in your area.  And, be careful at your local grocery store that you are buying US lamb products.  We want to help our industry!   You will pay more for US lamb but that is because consumers are buying imported products and not supporting US sheep ranchers.  Remember the health benefits too.


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