How to Raise a Shepherd Dog.

In the Weekly Arizona Miner, Prescott, February 1869 comes the following story about raising sheep dogs. While the story was written about the practice taking place in Texas, I am sure that it could have taken place anywhere, but I will leave that to my sheep friends who can debate the article.

Quoting from the newspaper –  “In the course of some conversation in relation to dogs, Governor Anderson of Ohio, related a Texas practice in training dogs with sheep. A pup is taken from its mother before its eyes are opened and put with an ewe to suckle. After a few times the ewe becomes reconciled to the pup, which follows her like a lamb, grows up among and remains with the flock and no wolf, man, or stranger dog can come near the sheep, and the dog will bring the sheep to the fold regularly at half-past seven o’clock in the evening, if you habitually feed him at that hour.”

Just a fun little story to end the week.

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