Correction and A sheep Sighting

My last blog should have stated that the information came from 1869 and I would be putting the news happenings for 1870 next. However, today’s blog comes from the Arizona Miner, Prescott, for 1864 as some of them just became available. There was a total of three available for the year of which two had articles on the sheep industry and one of them was attempting to influence more people to become involved in raising sheep in Arizona!

In the article, titled “The Season” it sang praise for the livestock industry and especially for sheep within the state. The article stated, “The constant freshness of the grass is gratifying to the stock raiser. The country is beyond question the finest for pastoral purposes upon the continent. Immense herds of sheep and cattle may be kept in good condition the year round without expense save for herders.”

The other article in the November 23, 1864, the Arizona Miner reported on travelers to Arizona and the difficulty of navigating the roads because of the large amount of rainfall in the past week. Two of those traveling this road were Captain Hargrave and Lieutenant Taylor and they had lost part of their large drove of sheep to either the Navajos or Apaches. In this same article Mister Huning, who will have sheep or may have already acquired them, was mentioned bring a large shipment of supplies from Albuquerque.  It has been mentioned before in this blog that Huning had a store in Holbrook.

And that is 1864 sheep happenings. Really wowed you today, huh? As more newspapers are digitized for 1864, there may be more sheep sightings to write about in future blogs! So, stay tuned. 

And just a different kind of sheep!

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