Donkeys on the Trail

It has been two years since the Auza’s have been able to trail their sheep for three weeks to the area near Williams. It has been extremely dry the past two years. It was always great fun to watch the herders move the sheep the day that they went through the underpass on State Route 260 near Cottonwood. My husband and I would travel from the Buckeye area the day before to catch the action of the herders, dogs, donkeys and sheep. The sheep once they had moved through the underpass on State Route 260 would head toward the river. Today I concentrate on the donkeys who carried the camp equipment, cooking utensils, personal items of the herders, and food for the herders as well as the guardian dogs.

It has been a long morning. Let me sleep!
Just chilling and grazing before the afternoon trek under the underpass.
One of the donkeys who wanted his picture taken!
Climbing the steep hill from the underpass.
On the north side of the road after the underpass.
Notice the donkeys go around the hill!

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